Sunday, February 13, 2011

Living with Amelia Bedelia

I married the male version of Amelia Bedelia. Well, the only difference is that he knows what people are meaning, but he likes to take things literally.

Anyways, during dinner tonight I said to him, " I would like to see you do all that I have done today while contracting." (Lovingly of course). He just smirked.

As I was walking over to take dessert out of the oven he shouts out with a mouth full of food, "Can't, won't, don't..."

I looked at him very confused. (Thinking is really hard to do when you are full term and having serious contractions off and on for a week.)

Then I see his ridiculously cute smirk again and it hits me. He said, "See, not hard at all. I can eat while contracting too."

Ugh. Good thing he is so cute. :)