Saturday, September 1, 2012

Faith restored in humanity...almost.

I (Loyce) did something completely hair-brained. Like kick yourself stupid. Even admitting it makes me feel even more moronic.

I am responsible. Always have been. Ask my mom. I have had things stolen, but never misplaced or lost something, especially of great value. Well, that is just what I did. You see, after I went for a morning run with the tot in tow, I placed my old iPhone 4 on the hood of my car. I kept the phone for this purpose, as an iPod. It worked great for that. However, this particular day instead of putting it right back in my car, I placed it on the hood of my car. I even thought to myself, "What if you don't see it?" I dismissed that thought and apparently left it there, because I would never be so distracted to not notice an expensive piece of technology laying on the hood of my car.

The tot and I went inside and got ready for the day. We had a lunch date with a sweet friend and I went about my day not even thinking of the phone/iPod again. It wasn't until I was leaving for a quick weekend get away the following day did it even dawn on me. I was horrified. Shocked. Ticked at myself for being so irresponsible. How could I do such a thing? Worse, where was it now? It had tons of pictures and videos of our tot on it. (Yes, I had backed it up, but still). Those pictures were precious to us. Not to mention all of the accounts/application I had on the old phone and were still logged into. I was beside myself. Who had all of this information now?

Whoa, whoa you are thinking. It is just stuff. It happens. Move on. Well, maybe you can do that, but it was literally the first thing I've lost. I have had other people lose my belongings and have had things stolen or destroyed, but not where it was actually my fault entirely.

Anyways, fast forward a week later. I get a mysterious package in the mail with my old address in the "return" and "to" lines. I promptly opened the package and inside was a handwritten note:

This thumb drive has all the pics and vids from your lost iphone. The phone was run over and pretty trashed but I was able to get these from your motherboard. (I figured the pics are worth more than the phone.)

No return information. No pass it forward. Nothing. Just an extremely good and time consuming deed.

So, being my trusting self, go to plug the jump drive (16GB) in the computer. My not so trusting partner promptly says that we are not plugging that into the computer or anything that is connected to our network. Then starts the questions: Why did someone go to all the trouble of picking up the demolished phone, retrieving the information, etc. and returning it to the owner without returning the entire phone? Also, how in the world did they find my old address from the phone? Now I'm completely spooked. I start changing all my passwords and log-ins for everything I can think of that was on the old phone. I hadn't done any of that yet because I was still hoping I wasn't foolish enough to leave my old phone on the hood of my car. Alas, I was.

All that being said, I did lose the phone. It was "trashed" and someone was kind enough to send me the pictures and videos of my pumpkin back to me. However, I am thankful for a skeptical husband and the fact that we have moved and the finder of my phone is not aware of our new address. That is public record, but let's hope they don't search for it.

...I'm going to go check all the windows and doors now.