Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festival of thanks

Instead of posting each day, I just put all of my daily thoughts into one blog posting. Efficiency is my middle name.
I am thankful for:
Day 1: The precious gift from God that is currently residing in my belly and kicking me as we speak. :)
Day 2: An amazing husband who is my number one advocate and best friend.
Day 3: Friends and family who visited with me and helped me keep my sanity through this pregnancy. I am not sure what I would have done without the visits, phone calls, emails, hospital visits, etc. while I was so sick. 
Day 4: Finally having "good" and "enjoyable" days in the pregnancy. Days where I am not spending every minute leaning over a toilet bowl.
Day 5: Being able to live in a house that we own and having a place to call home.
Day 6: Living in a country that allows me to worship my Savior, Jesus Christ, without fear of being beaten or killed.
Day 7: The sweetest and lovable puppy, Abe. Even though he is 11, he is still my perpetual puppy. (For anyone that has met him understands this.) 
Day 8: An extremely snuggly cat that is completely tolerant of the constant baby kicks while she is curled on my lap as I read a good book.
Day 9: The best mom this world has to offer. I hope I am half the mom to my little girl.
Day 10: A really cool older sister who will spend her days off helping me paint the nursery. 
Day 11: All the men and women who risk their lives to protect our great nation. Your sacrifices are not forgotten and your lives are forever remembered. 
Day 12: The most supportive in-laws one could ever wish and hope for. 
Day 13: An incredible church home and fellow believers that pray for you in all walks of life.
Day 14: The ability to have cold, fresh water whenever I please. This is such a luxury that our country takes for granted. 
Day 15: My husband's job. 
Day 16: The convenience of grocery stores. I am so thankful I don't have to strangle and pluck my own chickens for dinner. 
Day 17: Modern technology, like Google Voice. Thank you for free text messaging!
Day 18: Having health, dental and vision care.  
Day 19: Medicine to help with days that are the exact opposite as those mentioned on #4. Ugh...
Day 20: The sweetest nephews who keep me laughing. 
Day 21: My car. It has kept me safe and it is such a luxury. 
Day 22: Nana's sewing machine. That thing is a beast. Made in the early 50's and still works great. I was able to sit down in one day and make curtain panels and a bed skirt for the little one's nursery because I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores. 
Day 23: Sweet people. They make your life easier. 
Day 24: My gestational diabetes test being a few weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. 
Day 25: Being pregnant on Thanksgiving day and no one questioning you going back for seconds or thirds! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My five year old nephew cracks me up. He says some of the most hilarious things. I have told my sister many times that she needs to write a book that are all of his -isms. He truly is one of a kind. Here is an example:

After going to the movies with him, he looks at me and points at my pregnant belly and says, "Does that make you higher?"
I tilted my head to the side (much like a dog does whenever they are not sure what a human is saying to them) and responded with, "Huh?"
He points to my belly again and plainly states, "Does that make you higher?"
Completely at a loss for what he is saying I guess and ask, "Do you mean 'does the baby make me taller'?"
He shakes his head and retorts with, "No, does it make you higher, you know, higher?"
I touch my belly, tilt my head to the other side hoping to somehow get on the same radio frequency as him and question, "Do you mean 'does the baby make me stand taller'?"
He sighs, "No, does it make you higher, you know when you get on the scale, does it make you higher?"
I busted out laughing as did my mom, sister, brother-in-law and his older brother.
Through the laughter I chuckled and snorted out, "Oh! You mean does the baby make me weigh more?"
His eyes light up and he nods his head which is accompanied by his adorable smirk because he knows now he said something witty.
"Yes," I confessed and smiled at him.

Now, if only everyone else was this cute about discussing pregnancy and the weight gain. We can learn a lot from my nephew. He is wise beyond his years. He has successfully mastered the art of not only asking a woman about her weight, but asked if it has increased and still managed to make me laugh and want to talk about it.

Bravo little man. Ladies, watch out! He is only five and already a smooth talker.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a Girl!

18 week scan of our tiny dancer 

That's right folks. Chris and I are going to be parents. 

This will be an adjustment for sure. It has been just Chris and Loyce for over 11 years now. To think that in less than four short months we will be adding someone else into our little family is crazy. We are excited, but now that is it actually happening it is surreal. 

We start our child birthing classes tonight as well. I might change my mind after. (Just kidding, but it will probably scare me!) 

More importantly the baby seems to be extremely healthy and this pregnancy is progressing beautifully. It has been such an answer to prayers. However, I have been extremely sick the duration of this gestation. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarium after a week long hospital stay at Presby Dallas. (Sounds more like a spell from Harry Potter than an illness to me.) It only happens in less than one percent of all pregnancies. Lucky me! I am still sick everyday even at 24 weeks. And no, not just a little nausea people. We are talking still throwing up, multiple times each day. I am so grateful for my wonderful friend, Zofran. It has made my life manageable. Some days the good Lord smiles on me and I can do without any medication and keep down most of my food. Those are glorious days that are keeping my sanity. 

We are also starting on the nursery. (Before and after pictures to come.) My wonderful husband put together the crib and the dresser. I love him. 

Hope you all are having a restful Monday evening.