Friday, September 9, 2011

Solids & other stuff

We officially started solids with Miss A after her six month appointment. Everything is going well. She really seems to enjoy eating "real" food.

So far she has had:
Rice & Oatmeal cereal
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans
Apples/Apple sauce
Multi-grain Cheerios
Various tastes of rolls, biscuits, bread, etc.

She seems to really like the green veggies and all the fruits. We are trying peaches and spinach soon and will probably switch to table food as quickly as possible. I am trying to get through as many types of fruits and veggie first. She is not too keen on the liquid baby food. She prefers whatever I am eating.

She has become extremely busy lately. If she isn't sleeping she is moving somehow. (She even moves constantly in her sleep.) Even when she is eating she has her legs shaking or she is holding onto her feet and doing some type of contortionist move. We have had to move her feedings to her room where the lights are off and the curtains drawn or she is too distracted. (I really do miss the days when I could feed her and watch a TV show. I miss the days when she would sleep wherever and whenever, too. O well.) It has become a challenge during diaper changes. I have something new to hand her to keep her busy while I change her as quickly as possible. 

She is sitting up completely unassisted and loves to stand. She has even started to do a full plank if she is put on her belly.
Like this! 
I will try to catch it on film. It is hilarious how strong she is. She has no interest in crawling yet, which is fine with me. She loves music and loves singing and for others to sing to her. She's a snuggle bug and smiles all the time. I am constantly stopped by people asking if she smiles all the time and how happy she looks. She is a very happy, smiley baby. We are extremely blessed. She is super easy and lets us know if something is wrong. She has started to make more consonants. Lots of galy, guly, uh, oh, mum, ma, ba, bu, hu, etc.

She is growing great and is doing something new each day. Love her to pieces.