Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Emerald City, Day 1

It has been since our Honeymoon that Chris and I got away, just the two of us. On October 21st Chris and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss in Seattle, WA. He was being sent there on business and his work surprised both of us by sending me with him! It has always been a wish of mine to visit the North during the fall season. It is my favorite season, but in Texas we have perhaps a week worth of fall weather. We stayed in Bellevue, WA which is across Lake Washington from Seattle. For our anniversary dinner we went to the Sky City in the Space Needle. I managed to no loose my dinner while circling around at those dizzying heights. The view was remarkable. Pictures did not turn out well since it was at night. The food was amazing. Their sparkling city water was a fantastic and complemented their hazelnut oil, sea salt butter and assorted rolls perfectly. Chris ordered the Grilled Kurabuta Pork Chop that was Cider brined with roasted Spaghetti squash, bourbon maple glaze and garlic mashed potatoes with a Dr Pepper, of course. I ordered the Togarashi Crusted Ahi Tuna (seared rare) that had Oregon grown wasabi, Jasmine rice, wilted spinach, blackberry ginger compote. It was devine! We topped off dinner with heavenly molten chocolate gonache cake served with vanilla bean ice cream. I loved it, minus the ice cream. Chris, I think, could have passed on it. It is a must if you are ever in Seattle!

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