Saturday, October 31, 2009

Emerald City, Day 2

Our second day in the Bellevue/Seattle area, we visited Gilbert's. Apparently the best place in Bellevue for brunch. We missed it by 2 minutes. However, their lunch was great. I ordered a turkey club (with vegetarian bacon) sandwich on their tomato bagel. They served each sandwich with a side of dill potato salad and a pickle wedge. Chris had a tuna sandwich. :) I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was quaint and decorated with all the current/upcoming theater shows and local bands posters and fliers.

After we enjoyed our leisurely lunch we took the hotel shuttle to the Bellevue botanical gardens.

I cannot express how gorgeous the fall colors were. We were surrounded by native foliage and streams throughout the gardens. The trails were amazing. I had such a wonderful time taking in the crisp fall air and beautiful landscape.

We then decided to visit Pike's Place Market in old Seattle. We hopped on a bus. Their public transportation was great. That is what Dallas is missing. I grabbed a Starbucks from the place it originated. I promise it tastes better. :D

Pike's Place had an amazing atmosphere. The throwing of the fish was entertaining and the Turkish delight was out of the world! (My favorite dessert)

We had to rush in order to meet our flight so we grabbed the nearest cab to take us back to Bellevue to retrieve our luggage instead of waiting on the public transportation.

It was a great mini vacation. I strongly suggest visiting Seattle if you haven't.

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