Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My five year old nephew cracks me up. He says some of the most hilarious things. I have told my sister many times that she needs to write a book that are all of his -isms. He truly is one of a kind. Here is an example:

After going to the movies with him, he looks at me and points at my pregnant belly and says, "Does that make you higher?"
I tilted my head to the side (much like a dog does whenever they are not sure what a human is saying to them) and responded with, "Huh?"
He points to my belly again and plainly states, "Does that make you higher?"
Completely at a loss for what he is saying I guess and ask, "Do you mean 'does the baby make me taller'?"
He shakes his head and retorts with, "No, does it make you higher, you know, higher?"
I touch my belly, tilt my head to the other side hoping to somehow get on the same radio frequency as him and question, "Do you mean 'does the baby make me stand taller'?"
He sighs, "No, does it make you higher, you know when you get on the scale, does it make you higher?"
I busted out laughing as did my mom, sister, brother-in-law and his older brother.
Through the laughter I chuckled and snorted out, "Oh! You mean does the baby make me weigh more?"
His eyes light up and he nods his head which is accompanied by his adorable smirk because he knows now he said something witty.
"Yes," I confessed and smiled at him.

Now, if only everyone else was this cute about discussing pregnancy and the weight gain. We can learn a lot from my nephew. He is wise beyond his years. He has successfully mastered the art of not only asking a woman about her weight, but asked if it has increased and still managed to make me laugh and want to talk about it.

Bravo little man. Ladies, watch out! He is only five and already a smooth talker.

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