Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festival of thanks

Instead of posting each day, I just put all of my daily thoughts into one blog posting. Efficiency is my middle name.
I am thankful for:
Day 1: The precious gift from God that is currently residing in my belly and kicking me as we speak. :)
Day 2: An amazing husband who is my number one advocate and best friend.
Day 3: Friends and family who visited with me and helped me keep my sanity through this pregnancy. I am not sure what I would have done without the visits, phone calls, emails, hospital visits, etc. while I was so sick. 
Day 4: Finally having "good" and "enjoyable" days in the pregnancy. Days where I am not spending every minute leaning over a toilet bowl.
Day 5: Being able to live in a house that we own and having a place to call home.
Day 6: Living in a country that allows me to worship my Savior, Jesus Christ, without fear of being beaten or killed.
Day 7: The sweetest and lovable puppy, Abe. Even though he is 11, he is still my perpetual puppy. (For anyone that has met him understands this.) 
Day 8: An extremely snuggly cat that is completely tolerant of the constant baby kicks while she is curled on my lap as I read a good book.
Day 9: The best mom this world has to offer. I hope I am half the mom to my little girl.
Day 10: A really cool older sister who will spend her days off helping me paint the nursery. 
Day 11: All the men and women who risk their lives to protect our great nation. Your sacrifices are not forgotten and your lives are forever remembered. 
Day 12: The most supportive in-laws one could ever wish and hope for. 
Day 13: An incredible church home and fellow believers that pray for you in all walks of life.
Day 14: The ability to have cold, fresh water whenever I please. This is such a luxury that our country takes for granted. 
Day 15: My husband's job. 
Day 16: The convenience of grocery stores. I am so thankful I don't have to strangle and pluck my own chickens for dinner. 
Day 17: Modern technology, like Google Voice. Thank you for free text messaging!
Day 18: Having health, dental and vision care.  
Day 19: Medicine to help with days that are the exact opposite as those mentioned on #4. Ugh...
Day 20: The sweetest nephews who keep me laughing. 
Day 21: My car. It has kept me safe and it is such a luxury. 
Day 22: Nana's sewing machine. That thing is a beast. Made in the early 50's and still works great. I was able to sit down in one day and make curtain panels and a bed skirt for the little one's nursery because I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores. 
Day 23: Sweet people. They make your life easier. 
Day 24: My gestational diabetes test being a few weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. 
Day 25: Being pregnant on Thanksgiving day and no one questioning you going back for seconds or thirds! 

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