Friday, January 14, 2011

Nephewism 2

Oh my sweet nephew. He is the cutest. Just the other day my sister told me the funniest story about him. I just had to share.

They were backing out of their driveway and he shouts out, "Mom! Stop the car. Stop the car!"

She immediately thinks something is wrong and looks around at all of her side mirrors. She sees nothing so she decides to continue backing out.

Again he goes, "Mom, stop the car!"
She ask, "What is it (insert his name here)?"
"Mom, I don't have my seatbelt on! Are you trying to send me to juvy?"

Yea, he is only five. She asked him if he even knew what that was and he responded back with, "Yea, it's jail for kids!"

She wanted to know where he heard that from and he said she didn't know. He just heard it.

Oh, she has her hands full with him.

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