Thursday, January 13, 2011

No More Driving Miss Aisley

That's right. My driving privileges have been officially revoked. As of Tuesday this week my doctor said to hand over my keys for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Why you ask? Well, it is for a very good reason. I had been having fainting and dizzy spells for about two weeks. Most of the time I was able to lay down, drink water and I soon felt well enough to go on about my business. After a few episodes, I contacting my OB and she instructed me to get my asthma checked. I went to my primary care physician and my OT stats were horrible. Both of the doctors attributed my dizziness and fainting to not getting enough oxygen. Also, I managed to have an upper respiratory & sinus infection on top of having my airways blocked 30%. I left the appointment with a prescription for antibiotics and a steroid inhaler hoping the dizziness and fainting were a thing of the past. Wishful thinking.

Three days later I was on my way out the door. I hoped in my lovely car and started the drive to my destination. I managed to get about a mile from my house when I felt my hands and feet going numb. I started getting tunnel vision and my ears started to ring. I quickly told my mom, who I was on the phone with at the time that I needed to pull over because I was feeling faint. Thankfully I was able to pull into a parking lot and park my car before I blacked out completely. When I came to I promptly called Chris to come pick me up. He was extremely worried. I was scared.

We contacted the doctor and waited for a call back while I laid down. The on-call doctor instructed me to not drive and to take it easy. (To which I laughed inside. My sister-in-law was getting married in a week and I am her matron of honor. I was on my way that day to her bridal luncheon and that night was her bachelorette party that I was hosting. I couldn't take it easy. I had things to do.)

After laying down for a while I begged Chris to take me to the luncheon. We made arrangements for someone else to drive that day and to take me home later.

I made it through the day without another mishap. On Sunday however, I had another one. I was thankfully at home, but still annoying.

After my appointment I had with my OB this Tuesday and discussing what I was feeling she ordered that I not drive for my safety and everyone else. You can thank me later. She is not sure exactly what is causing the fainting. There could be many reasons. I have a few more doctors appointments with other doctors to see if they can figure out the cause and make sure nothing serious is going on.

Just when I almost got over the whole morning sickness thing too. (Which isn't completely gone, just a very mild case now. Probably more like what the majority of people go through in their first trimester.)

Aisley is doing great. I tease that she is made of steel because she has been so resilient through all of my drama this pregnancy. She seems completely unfazed by everything. She continues to grow and process normally. I, on the other hand, have continued to lose weight. My doctor jokingly asked if I was eating. Believe me. I am eating. All the time. I guess I will be on of the few pregnant women that doesn't have to worry about losing a bunch of weight after delivery.

So there you have it. No more driving miss Aisley until she is actually born. I am pretty sure I am going to be the happiest person in labor because I know I will immediately feel better and I will be on my way to driving again.

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